Node Controller

The node controller has one simple job. It links or unlinks a Machine to the underlying core k8s Node object if an optional annotation is present on the Node. The decision to add the annotation is left to each infrastructure-specific provider. When the controller links a Machine, it assigns the machine's Status.NodeRef to the Node's objectRef.

The simplest way for Infrastructure-specific providers to add this support is to annotate nodes in their node bootup script as part of the kubeadm join operation (via a commandline parameter).

Node Controller Semantics

The node controller is very simple. In the current design, a Machine will exist before the backing Node is created. When a node is created and ready, the controller checks if the annotation exist. If it does, it links Node to the Machine. If the Node is slated for deletion, it unlinks the Node from the Machine.

node reconciliation logic

node object reconciliation logic

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