Background Information

It may be useful to read at least the following chapters of the Kubebuilder book in order to better understand this section.

Architecture Diagram

We need a new simple diagram here reflecting the move to CRDs.


Cluster API Resources

The Cluster API currently defines the following resource types:

  • Cluster
  • Machine
  • MachineSet
  • MachineDeployment
  • MachineClass

Controllers and Actuators

A Kubernetes Controller is a routine running in a Kubernetes cluster that watches for create / update / delete events on Resources, and triggers a Reconcile function in response. Reconcile is a function that may be called at any time with the Namespace and Name of an object (Resource instance), and it will attempt to make the cluster state match the state declared in the object Spec.

The Cluster API consists of a shared set of controllers in order to provide a consistent user experience. In order to support multiple cloud environments, some of these controllers (e.g. Cluster, Machine) call provider specific actuators to implement the behavior expected of the controller. Other controllers (e.g. MachineSet) are generic and operate by interacting with other Cluster API (and Kubernetes) resources.

The task of the provider implementor is to implement the actuator methods so that the shared controllers can call those methods when they must reconcile state and update status.

When an actuator function returns an error, if it is RequeueAfterError then the object will be requeued for further processing after the given RequeueAfter time has passed.

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